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Our Temple

As you all may be aware, Sri. Mahavarahi Temple Trust was formed in the month of April 2006 to construct a temple for Sri Mahavarahi Amman.
We wish to bring to your kind notice that as it is almost 10 years since the Trust was formed and got registered and since many more devotees have joined the Varahi Family thereafter, we felt rt is necessary to share how this moment was started and where we stand now.

Way back in 2006, when we were all coming back in train after performing a pooja and abhishekam for Goddess Sri Raja Mathangi temple at Salem, a thought came as why not we have a temple for Goddess Sri Maha Varahi in Bangalore.
The moment when this was discussed all the devotees evinced great interest and started offering their contributions in the train itself.
To our surprise an amount of approx. Rs 5000/ was collected in a few hours’ time.

Subsequently, a temple Trust Committee was formed with like-minded people to decide the future course of action. Accordingly, President Vice-President,
Secretary, Treasurer and Members were selected and the Trust got registered. Also, a separate Sri. Mahavarahi Charitable Trust
was also got registered on the same day. Regular meetings were conducted and funds Started pouring from all the devotees towards purchase of the land for the temple.

While, we, as Trust Members, accept about the delay on our part to get this activity completed, our efforts for purchase of land for construction of the temple is still in progress.

We recently had a meeting to expedite this activity. As purchase of land in and around Bangalore will require more funds, it was decided to put the request to the devotees to contribute for this noble cause.


Those who are willing to contribute can do as below.

1. Devotees willing to contribute towards this can give us a cheque payable to Sri Maha Varahi Temple Trust®. This cheque can be handed over in person to any of the following members

Sri. S.Balaram ( Varahi Kumar ) - President
Sri.R Hariprasad - Vice President
Sri.K.Chandrashekar - Secretary
Sri.Ravichandran - Treasurer

As use of Net banking is common these days, devotees willing to contribute can do the same by crediting the amount one time or on monthly basis.

Bank details are given below.

Branch : Car Street , Ulsoor,
Account Name : Sri Maha Varahi Temple Trust
Account No : 704082496

Those who contribute through net banking are requested to keep us informed by mail (prasadhari@yahoo.com } about the amount deposited by them so as to keep a track and issue receipts for the same.

Devotees who cannot do the net banking can also keep a Hundi at home & put whatever money they can afford to do every month and once
a sizeable amount is collected, the amount can be handed over to any of the above mentioned people who will issue a receipt & credit the same in the bank.

We sincerely, hope that with the participation and sizeable contribution from all the devotees temple for the goddess Sri.Maha Varahi will soon be a reality and is not very far.
By Sri. Mahavarahi Amman's blessings and grace we should all witness the KUMBABH SHEKAM as early as possible.
May Goddess Sri Maha Varahi bless and guide all of us.
Thanks & Best Regards
Kumar Mama

(Regd.u/s 12A (a) of the ITAct vide Letter No.DIT (E) /12a/Vol-V/S -1802/W-2/2007-08 Dated 28-8-2007)