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Guru Kumar Mama

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There is an element of strangeness and pleasure too that is woven around what has been happening to Sri.Kumar Mama during the course of the last one decade.Not all incidents can be quoted here,yet couple of them, which are divinely and therefore awesome are worth mentioning.One night while mama was in deep sleep he felt someone awaken him at 2:00 in the morning.Soon he understood that to be the child BALA (Bala Thirupurasundari) hurridly pulling him out of the bed.She asked him to go the Pooja room immediately. Mama abruptly woke up and rushed to the Pooja room.There , to his fear and surprise, he found a small fire breaking out slowly near the plug point.He ran towards it and doused the fire on time,so no damage was done.He thanked Bala and went back to sleep. Many may not be aware that mama’s Pooja room is a visitor’s paradise: only difference being that the visitor’s are Siddha’s and Sages and they appear only in subtle form ( Sushma Roopa ).Only mama will know who are all the divine guest who visit the Pooja room on and off. Like human’s, siddha’s too like the company of Sri.Kumar Mama. Sri Varahi’s presence in this room attracts all these great sages. Following is a partial list of the divine dignitaries (Visitors) - Sri Adishankara , Sri Mahaperiyavaal , Sri Agathiyar, Boghar Siddhar, KuzandaiAnanda Swamigal and so on…

Sri Karumariamman, the statue which you see in the Pooja room has a story to tell. One of the devotees bought that statue (Bommai) from a shop to be kept in her pooja room.Before taking it home she thought of taking it to mama’s place for his blessings. Accordingly mama also kept the statue in front of varahi and soon Pooja and so on was conducted with usual fervour. After aarthi when the devotee wanted to take it, Sri.Karumariamman refused to move from the place. Kumar mama then said that Sri Karumariamman wanted to stay back in the Pooja room along with varahi and other deities and therefore she refused to go.However the devotee was thrilled to know that her statue found a place in mama’s Pooja room.

No devotee, normally would have an opportunity to see the divine beings partake the neivedhya (Prasadam) .However Kumar Mama’s Pooja room is different, where many have witnessed Varahi,Bala,Matangi and other deities partaking the prasadam with LOVE and FERVOUR. There are many incidents of miracles that have been happening in the life’s of Sri Varahi’s devotees which can be penned and that will go on forever.