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Vaaku and Shlokas

Sri Varahi in Bangalore

Shlokas Revival

Matha Varahi has been guiding Devotees from many years through Kumar Mama by giving shlokas for specific use by devotees. These are given by Mama during Ashada Navarathri programs or any special event. A sincere effort, with Kumar Mamas blessing is being done to steer devotees towards their goal through these shlokas. May Varahi bless all of you.

(1) Shloka - March 27, 2019

Let us start prayer session with the following shlokas
(1) Shri Gurubhyo Namaha - 12 times
(2) Om Im Kloum Panchamyai Namaha - 12 times
(3) Om Sham Sham Kumaraaya Namaha - 12 times
(4) Vizhikki ThuNai Thiru Men Malar Paadangal, Meimai Kundraa mozhikku ThuNai Murugaa Yennum Namangal, Munbu seida pazhikku ThuNai Avan Panniru ThoLum, Bayandha Thani Vazhikku ThuNai Vadi Velum Sengodan MayooramE - 3 times

This shloka when chanted in the morning, prior to start of the day, would create a peaceful environment around you and thereby bring success in all your endeavour.

Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu

Our Temple Construction Guruji Kumar Mama has perused the Temple Trust papers and gave us above "Slokam" for Dhana Akarshanam. He also made specific note that the below slokam is to be recited for fund collection to Temple construction and not for Individual gains. Let us pray for Goddess Maha Lakhmi for wealth to fullfill our wishes to build Sri Maha Varahi Temple.